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Proper Wording For Wedding Invitations

Proper Wording For Wedding Invitations

Use this guide to choose the right wedding invitation wording according to. Proper names and courtesy titles are also capitalized; Numbers in the date are .
It can be tricky to know how to word your wedding invitations. Our ultimate guide to wedding invitation wording will help you with every possible scenario.
Here are samples of formal wedding invitations based on a variety of hosting scenarios to help you properly word your own invitation. Bride's parents host the wedding and all guests are invited to the ceremony and the reception: Bride's parents, who are divorced and remarried, host the wedding together:
A traditional wedding invitation is made of card and measures 8 x 6 inches (20.3. there are a number of alternative styles of wording for different circumstances.
The wedding invitation design is totally up to you, but when it comes to the wording, there are a few things that definitely need to be included.
To get it across clearly and, most important, properly, you'll need more than good intentions. Here we've gathered everything you need to know to get the word .
Not sure how to phrase your wedding invites? Confused by Formal vs Informal? Let our wedding invitation wording samples and templates do the work for you!

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